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IESS IX’s maiden edition in Kovai

Brand IESS shifts its destination city this time – first time in three years from Chennai to Kovai!

We have experimented and have been successful with Chennai which hosted VI th to VIII th editions of our Annual show during 2017-2019. Figures speak louder than words – More than 21,245 Business queries valued at USD 14.14 Million, 8 MOUs including 6 Bilateral ones ( with Russian, Czech, Indian State Governments and Malaysian organisations) and around 35,149 Business Contacts and USD 1.72 declared orders over the last three editions IESS VI, VII and VIII held in Tamil Nadu justify our choice for the 4th successive time with # Smart Engineering as the theme!

IESS VIII was the most successful IESSes we have had so far !

Apart from Ministry of Commerce and Industry, VIII received the support of The Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Department of Heavy Industry and Department of MSME. CSIR Labs, Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs) in Delhi, Bombay, Madras and Ropar (IITs), R& D Institute under Department of Heavy Industry like C4i4 Lab, IISc, Ministry of MSME ,SIEMA, ARAI, CMTI, ERDA, HEC, IITD –AIA Foundation for Smart Manufacturing (IAFSM) were the key participants at the event.

Industry 4.0 – has been the lead theme of our organisation with two captive Technology Centres at Bengaluru and now the recently opened unit in Kolkata. EEPC India as the lead implementation agency of Technology Upgradation Initiative of Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry, has been also advocating # Smart Engineering to drive our Engineering manufactures up the ladder from Industry 1.0 to Industry 4.0 which in turn will raise our share of engineering exports in world export pie from the current 1% percent and also increase the percentage of the high skill technology intensive in our exports from current 6% .

IESS IX expects more of ‘future’ product displays. We have retained the four broad themes Subcontracting’, ‘Industrial & Electrical Machinery’, ‘Future Factory’ and ‘Innovation & Technology’.

We have already started receiving confirmations from local Industry Associations in Kovai including SIEMA ( The Southern India Engineering Manufacturers’ Association), CODISSIA ( Coimbatore District Small Industries Association), The Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and COINDIA (Coimbatore Industrial Infrastructure Association) to name a few!

We await more stakeholders, more visitors, more exhibitors and yes more of business in Kovai!

Mr. Ravi Sehgal, Chairman,
EEPC India