Global Sourcing Meet Presentation by Australia

Conference Room D, CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex, Coimbatore, India
Leading experts from Australia will make presentation on their experience of international procurement activities. The session will throw light by Organisations on how to use innovation, modernisation and , digitisation to do things, which lead to delivery of significant gains across efficiency, safety, cost savings, quality and performance.
10:00 am Guest Registration & Networking
10:30 am Presentation by Mr. Andrew Downs, Founder and Executive Director – SAGE GROUP HOLDINGS LTD., Australia
11:00 am Presentation by Mr. Dean Cook -Director – RJE GLOBAL, Australia
11:30 am Presentation by Ms. Natasha Malani, CEO – South Australian Leaders, Australia
12:00 pm Q&A followed by One to One meetings with prospective suppliers
1:00 pm Conclusion of session