Global Sourcing Meet – Cameron, a Schlumberger Company

Conference Room B, CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex, Coimbatore, India
In today’s competitive global economy, we know that strong relationships with our suppliers are more important than ever to our ability to meet our own and our customers’ needs.
Our preferred suppliers are those that work with us in a professional, ethical, competitive, and cost-effective manner consistent with Schlumberger policies, procedures, and business objectives. We believe this type of supplier relationship encourages use of supply chain best practices and adds value for all involved in the process.
In evaluating potential suppliers, Schlumberger considers delivery price, reliability of supplier, operational costs, and after-sales support. We procure goods and services only from financially stable, technically qualified, and reliable sources.
Global Sourcing session will be an strategic procurement concept with an international focus. A cross border search for suitable suppliers that meet specific quality time and price requirement.
10:00 am Guest Registration & Networking
10:30 am Presentation by Mr. Ravi – AGS India – Sourcing Manager- Cameron -a Schlumberger Company
11:00 am Information on Vendor Registration Procedure
11:30 am One to One meetings with prospective suppliers
12:30 am Conclusion of session