Seminar on 5S for Factory Safety and increasing efficiency

14:30 - 17:00
Conference Room E, Hall 2 & 3

EEPC India along with Department of Heavy Industry, Government of India, is organizing a Session on “5S for Factory Safety and Increasing Efficiency” for Indian capital goods sector.

The Session will aim to deliberate on how work space management & principles of 5S will create minimum time loss and prevent cost over runs and will improve the efficiency for Indian capital goods sector.

The session will deliberate on just in time manufacturing, total quality management, 6 sigma initiatives etc.

1400 hrs Registration
1430 hrs Welcome Remarks by Shri Anupam Shah, Past Chairman, EEPC India
1440 hrs “5S – Essential Tool for Progressive India” Opening Remarks by DHI
1450 hrs Address by Shri Swarupan Das, Deputy Director, National Productivity Council, Bangalore
1500 hrs “5S Implementation for Indian SMEs – The key steps”

Mr. P. Ananth, Consultant, Lean Management and Supply Chain Management
Mr. V. Thiagarajan, Ex General Manager – WABCO INDIA
Mr. E. Suresh Kumar, Senior Manager – Ashok Leyland
Mr. C. Murali, General Manager – Amara Raja Group
1545 hrs Open-house Q/A session