Open Industrial Innovation – Unleashing Technology and Talent for transformation TiE, Coimbatore + Forge [Partner Incubator]

Conference Room D, Convention Centre
Brief About Seminar

Technologies in areas such as IoT, Data science, Robotics, Drones, Additive manufacturing, AI, Advanced materials, Alternative energy, Future mobility, BioTech, NanoTech, and Advanced Computing – referred to as Industrial Technologies 2.0, have the potential to disrupt the core industrial sectors at an unprecedented speed and scale, leaving traditional advantages in access to raw materials, capital, channels & markets, production capacity & scale, stable political environment etc. with diminishing significance.

To achieve enduring competitive advantages and global salience in technology, especially in these futuristic domains in times of western economies shifting away from China, it is but imperative that the research, development and application of these technologies are aimed at engineering commercial solutions addressing the needs of the core industrial sectors. In such industrial sectors as automotive, aerospace, defence, space, oil & gas, power, precision engineering, heavy machinery etc. SME and Large companies must spearhead technology development initiatives aimed at achieving their strategic innovation goals.

Key Objectives
1. Create wider awareness within Industry (SMEs & Corporate) about the potential of Open Innovation to build and exploit technology capabilities for achieving strategic goals in operational excellence, market leadership, and business growth;

2. Demonstrate through case-studies the engagement models being adopted between Industrial companies and Innovative startups to combine the speed, cost, scale and scope advantages of Startups in Innovation with the production, distribution, financial, and commercial capacity of Incumbents in Industrialization;

3. Re-imagine the role of entrepreneurship ecosystem enablers to catalyze the technology talent and entrepreneurial ambitions of India’s youth to seed world class technology ventures;


#1 Manufacturing companies from SME to Corporates
#2 Higher Educational Institutions
#3 Startup Founders & Innovators
#4 Angel Investors & Policy makers

09:30 am
  • Welcome Address by Shri K. Manickam, Working Committee Member, EEPC India
  • Inaugural Address by TiE, Coimbatore Delivered by Ms. Deepika Ramesh, Program Chair & Charter Member,TiE, Coimbatore
10:00 Keynote Address

Topic: Technology & Innovation Leadership for TN’s transformation from Detroit to California

Speaker: Dr. N. Manickam, Chairman & Managing Director, Sakthi Auto Components, Charter Member – TiE Coimbatore

10:30 – 12:30 pm Session Theme

Open Industrial Innovation, Reimagining Industry’s role as Venture Industrialists in unlocking growth potential by combining manufacturing excellence with technology leadership.

10:30 – 10:50 pm Opening Keynote by Mr.Vish Sahasranamam, Co-founder & CEO, Forge
10:50 – 11:40 pm Spotlight Track

Showcase of 3-4 Industry-Innovator case-studies. A curated series of 5-7-minute presentations by pairs of Industry Executives & Startup Founders, highlighting the vision, strategy and progress of their Open Innovation synergies. The case-studies shall be curated to bring diversity in industrial verticals as well as showcase Industry-Startup engagements at different stages of technology and venture maturity.

11:40 – 12:40 pm Panel Discussion : Moderator: Vish Sahasranamam, Co-founder & CEO, Forge
12:40 pm EEPC Presentation
12:55 pm Concluding remarks by Shri Tushar Jain, Working Committee Member, EEPC India